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"I can't log in....."

You are entering your email address and password, but the system won't let you in.

"How do I get my Certificate of Completion"

Here's how to find your Certificate…

"Continuing Education credits?"

Do I get any CE credits for completing my exam?

"I purchased the wrong exam!"

What do you do if you bought the wrong exam or course?

"I didn't get my receipt...Do I need it?"

What purpose does the email receipt serve?

"None of the pop-up links work in my exam. I can't see any of the rules/laws"

Pop-ups don't display - missing links

"How do I get out of my course or exam so I can come back later?"

How to pause your course/exam so that you can complete it later

"How can I change my password or account information?"

Change password

"Can I print my exam/course?"

Printing course or exam

"I was taking a test, hit a button and now I can't get back to my questions. I wasn't finished"

What do you do if you haven't finished your exam and it won't let you get back to the questions:

"My course looks wierd...doesn't display right ...something's wrong"

Browser compatibility - what to do…

"Invalid Session Error" - Time Out Error

You click on the Catalog tab, or you try to Start your course/exam and you receive an "Invalid Session Error"

"The screen font looks very small to me. How can I change it?"

Change display font size

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